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Why I am running

I am running for Falls Church City Council to help make this wonderful City more livable, more sustainable, and more equitable. I have been active in a number of areas in the community for decades, meeting and speaking with public officials and members of the community. I am interested in having a greater voice as a member of the City Council.

My vision for this community


LIVABLE is welcoming. Livable is a walkable community. Livable is parks and libraries and stores. Livable is good schools. Livable is affordable. Livable is transportation choice. Livable is safe from automobiles and guns.


SUSTAINABLE is reducing GHG emissions and other pollutants.  Sustainable is affordable. Sustainable is fiscally responsible. Sustainable is becoming less auto dependent. Sustainable is investing in people.


EQUITABLE is welcoming. Equitable is giving everyone a voice. Equitable is providing everyone with opportunitiies. Equitable is providing everyone with access. Equitable is serving everyone. Equitable is anti-racist.

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